Dear Neighbor,

Royal Oak has been my home for the past decade and there is nowhere else I’d rather live.

I not only reside here with my husband and son, but I’m also a small business owner which means I work here, too. In September 2017 I gave birth to my son. Becoming a parent made me think about what it means to be rooted in a community. I want my son to grow up in a place where neighbors watch out for each other, where the schools are excellent, where there are ample places to play, where he can ride his bike to the library, where the infrastructure is well-maintained and environmentally sound, where the streets are safe. That is to say, I want him to grow up in Royal Oak. And so I want to play an active part in shaping Royal Oak’s future so that when my son grows up it will be a great place to raise his own family.

I love Royal Oak’s close-knit neighborhoods and vibrant downtown. Royal Oak is such a desirable place to live, work, and play because we have a long history of dedicated citizens, public servants, and business owners. We have young families raising their children and we have families who have been living here for generations. The people of this city have made lasting connections as we share schools, churches, parks, and sidewalks. In other words, Royal Oak has deep roots. And with deep roots comes stability, even in the face of change. Royal Oak is experiencing much growth right now. It’s an exciting time for the city, but with growth comes challenges. It is essential that the needs of Royal Oak’s residents are balanced with the needs of its businesses and municipal entities. As your City Commissioner, I will work every day to maintain Royal Oak’s small-town familariarty while at the same time helping the city to realize its world-class potential.

I am running for City Commission because I am dedicated to maintaining our city’s charm and vibrancy while at the same time making local government transparent and accessible to the public. I hope to earn your vote on November 5.