I am Committed to...

Supporting Seniors

Royal Oak is home to a diverse population of senior residents, many of whom have lived in their homes for decades. I am committed to supporting our city’s aging in place initiatives that will address a range of issues, including but not limited to increased health concerns, transportation needs, and isolation. Having been raised by my grandparents, I am uniquely attuned to the evolving needs of seniors. As City Commissioner, I want to ensure seniors’ needs are met by our city services.

Service and Advocacy

Service is what drives me. Whether serving on the Royal Oak Schools Foundation board, the Royal Oak Traffic Committee, or volunteering my time at Common Ground Sanctuary’s free legal clinic, I am motivated by my desire to make the community better for everyone. Listening to the concerns of all Royal Oak residents and advocating on your behalf will be a priority for me as City Commissioner. That’s why I became an attorney: to ensure that everyone has a voice. This is my passion. In my professional life I advocate for my clients, in my personal life I advocate for my family, and as a City Commissioner I will advocate for you and the city we all love.

Promoting Communication

I would be honored to serve on the City Commission as Royal Oak continues to grow in ways that benefit all residents of the city. In that capacity, I will hold bi-monthly coffee hours to share updates on City Commission matters and to encourage feedback from residents on proposed and ongoing initiatives. The Normandy Oaks project is a great example of how this kind of open communication can work to everyone’s advantage. Overall, I am a strong believer in openness, accessibility and transparency. As your City Commissioner I will listen to the concerns and suggestions of the public, weigh all of the options, and make informed decisions that take everyone into account.

Prioritizing the environment

Royal Oak is, by its very name, a green city. Our trees are one of the things that makes Royal Oak so special. It makes sense, then, that our growth and planning should take the environment into account so that we may preserve the beautiful greenery that not only adds aesthetic value, but also supports our air quality. Looking forward, I would like to see Royal Oak adopt environmentally sound practices for new projects. The future is green and smart planning now is good not only for the air we breathe and the water we drink, but also for Royal Oak’s bottom line. As your City Commissioner, I will collaborate with city partners to develop a framework for environmental goals and a guide on how to achieve these goals. I will also look into developing or strengthening policies related to environmentally sustainable purchasing, wastewater reduction, non-toxic pest management, increasing electric vehicle infrastructure, and encouraging Royal Oak to purchase hybrid work vehicles. As we are stronger together, I would like to collaborate with major stakeholders in our city such as Canadian National Railway, Royal Oak Schools, and the Detroit Zoo which have their own environmental initiatives so that we can combine our efforts and resources in order to maximize our impact.

Public Safety

Royal Oak has a well-earned reputation for being a safe place to live, work, and play. But as the city grows we need a recommitment to public safety so that our ability to protect the people of Royal Oak keeps pace with the increasing need for public safety resources. As an attorney, I understand public safety. As a resident of Royal Oak, I am invested in keeping our city safe. One area that lends itself to closer scrutiny is Royal Oak’s popular and ever-changing nightlife scene. In order to best equip and protect our Police Department, I would like to create a partnership between the City Commission and local bar and restaurant owners that encourages responsible behavior and promotes safety of patrons and residents.


Part of what makes Royal Oak such a great place to live and work is the diversity of its people and I fully embrace initiatives that acknowledge and celebrate our city’s diversity. Ultimately, we have more bringing us together than we have dividing us. Whether you’re a new resident or part of a long generation of Royal Oak families, whether you’re a child in school or a senior citizen, whether you live in an apartment downtown or a neighborhood bungalow. No matter who you are or where you live, we all want the best for Royal Oak and for our families. I will work to ensure all residents are equally represented and all voices carry equal weight in our city.